Saturday, April 03, 2010

A Ticket to the Sun

It's sort of hard making up blog titles sometimes you know.

Anyway, as we discussed before, BooHead is on the path of righteousness.

Unlike his cousins A'Face and B'Cheeks, he despises pop (so far) and loves rock.

He is even more awesome because he loves certain songs by The Beatles.

His renditions are slightly off cannon...

Ticket to Ride

"She's got a ticket to riiiIde/
She's got a ticket to riiiIIIIiiide/
She's got a ticket to riiiiIIIIde!
And he don't care."

The last line used to be sung with such definitive force  (and incorrectly) that we came to the conclusion that "he" was a hater.

Here Comes The Sun

"Here comes the do do doo/
Here comes the Sun and I say/
It's alright."

For a while, every morning he would sing this song, convinced that his singing was actually bringing out the sun from its slumber.

One morning his singing did not work.  It was overcast and raining.

Feeling lied to, BooHead did not sing it for a good week or two.

Then, it started up again.

But the last time it was raining, he had a plan...

"Here comes the do do doo/
Here comes the rain and I say/
It's not alright/
But it's okay."

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