Saturday, April 03, 2010

In the Backyard, Hanging Out with My Cousin

What sort of fun things can a kid do when his cousin comes for a visit?

Why, play in the sand where the pool once stood.

I know, it kinda skeeved me out too.

To get to the sand area, one has to roll down a "hilly" bit.  Once there, the fun begins.

Lots of hard work, that hill-rolling.

What game does a kid play with his cousin who came for a visit, now that they're in the sand?

Why, the game involving putting sand into a bucket.

Games, as we are all aware, have rules.

The ground rules for this particular game are as follows:

Zen Garden the sand.  With broom in hand, 
your playing field will be even.  
And let us not forget...beautiful.

 That's correct.  Observe the broom.  
Get the broom.  
Be the broom.

Only after the business of the broom, may you begin to play "Fill the Dirty Bucket with Sand".

Leave the two-handed bucket
filling to the professionals.

After some time, your bucket should look like this.  
My, looking good if I do say so.

Oh, it needs more sand does it? 
Well how was I to know? I wasn't invited to play this game.

The game ends when a sigh escapes from Boo Head.

It's the sort of sigh I associate with "I'm bored".

I could have been mistaken though.  

Filling a bucket one-quarter of the way up seems rather taxing for two pairs of hands.

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