Friday, April 06, 2012

Cool? Maybe

Uncle Bunji asked BH a series of questions that spiraled into a conversation that went a little bit like this -

Bunji: BH, do you learn about God in school? And lots about the Bible?
BH: Yes. 
Bunji: And Jesus?
BH: Yeah.
Bunji: And Jesus was a cool guy?
BH: I'm not so sure about that.

And there you have it, Jesus.  Pontius Pilate had you crucified on Good Friday and BH questions your coolness.

Exactly why is this a Good Friday?

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Friday, November 18, 2011

99 Problems

and sun fuzzies is one.

Today at the annual Doctor's appointment, everyone's favourite Boohead was asked by his Doctor if he had any problems he wanted to talk about.

"Well," he began, "sometimes in the morning when I go outside, sun fuzzies get in my eye and it's very distracting."

There was confusion all around.

Sun fuzzies?


But as his Doctor pointed out, there is absolutely no confusion about this vocabulary.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Polite Police

Today, BH was invited to the neighbour's house for lunch and a play date.

After much playing that went from the house to the yard, it was almost time to come home.  BH however, had a question.

BH: Grandma?
Grandma: Yes, BH?
BH: Can M (neighbour friend) come over to our house?
Grandma: Not right now, BH.  It's getting late and I'm sure his Mommy wants him.
BH: K (M's mother) was polite and had me over; it would be polite to invite M over.

Who called in the Polite Police?

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

I'm sure that's what BH will sing to himself at some point today.

Happy Birthday, BH! A grand old 5.  It's amazing and also a little scary.  I also know I have not written anything on you here in some time but I will get it together some time.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just a Little Bit

Two nights ago, at 11:15 p.m. or so, the conversation was had with Uncle CLee as to why at 11:15 p.m., little BH was still awake.

The explanation, at least in our minds, was simple: There had been a 5 p.m. nap leading to a late night up with his Momma and a skype session with Uncle CLee.

Simple, and true.

But perhaps there was something we were missing.

"Tell Uncle CLee why you are up so late," H1 told BH.

"Well you see," BH began "I am a little bit Octurnal."


He knows what "nocturnal" means and there was some surprise as to why he was 'octurnal'.

Such a thing does not exist!

But, and as I brainstormed, perhaps if it were later, then he would be well and proper "nocturnal". 

Apparently, I was spot on because that is the very reason BH gave for his being just a little bit octurnal.

In case you were wondering, he gets his ridiculousness from his Momma H1, and not me.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

These Days

These days, BH has taken to 'taunting' me with various things.

For instance, "Booooobbeeeey, I went to the zoo without you toooddaaaAY."


"Boooooobbeeeeeyyy, I had ice-cream without you toooddaaaAY."

My response is usually the same, "Really? While I was slavin' at work, you were doing all these things?"


He's got a cold heart, that one.

Monday, June 06, 2011

God, The Wind and A'Face

BH: Grandma! Why is it so windy today?
Grandma: I don't know, Boobey.  You have to ask God and take it up with him.


Some time later...

BH: God, please send the wind to A'Face's house.


Featured today, we are presenting a story of Moodou.

Moodou has a lot of love...a lot of love for a pacifier.

So great is this love, that he needs two of them and walks around the house letting everyone know.

A baby bao head for a baby bao (15 dumplings)
Perhaps I should have entitled this blog post as "Greediness".

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Hiding in the Tall Grass...

An epic battle is about to begin.
A battle of friendly greetings! Because they're friends, of course!
Friends who frolick in the tall grass, and take a moment to smell the flowers.
It is certainly a beautiful day, today.
The grass smells fresh and summery!
And the colours out here are gorgeous.
The flowers smell beautiful too.
::sigh:: It's all very true.
Fly, friends!
We're off to find food because it's time for lunch.
Mmmm, yummy! Eating is what I do best!
Scrumptious.  A happy end to a happy, sunshine-y day with two friends hanging out in the Tall Grass.
...A four year old boy, his favourite Pokémon friends and imagination.

For the uncensored, grainy version as seen through the eyes of a thirty year old, please click here.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011


I hope he wished for millions of dollars.
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

In the Vocabulary of A'Face

A'Face's favourite food right now is the almighty pork rib.

Except he calls them "wibs".

One Saturday, after picking Grandma up from work, the plan was to go to a local sushi fusion place for lunch and A'Face would of course, be ordering the 'wibs'.

But, he refused to talk to Grandma.  There was no "hello", no "good morning", no acknowledgment whatsoever of Grandma's existence.

In turn, Grandma threatened to eat the wibs when they arrived at the table.

Still, a silence.

That is, until the ribs were being brought to the table.  A'Face quickly blurted out, "HI GRANDMA!".

It is clear that A'Face loves wibs even at the cost of being a beast.

In the Vocabulary of BooHead

There exists a word "puh" in the vocabulary of BooHead.  As an example, BooHead went for a uniform sizing at his new school which he will be starting in September and whilst there, one of the classes was having a gym session.

Lots of kids were running around screaming and we all know boys and girls tend to stick together.  There were lots of girls as BooHead observed and thus 'puh' came into existence.

It's much like "psh" and I think it means the same thing, "I don't care; I scoff at you".

If you do not feel comfortable using "puh", your next option is "tuh".

"Tuh" seems to denote a lot more disdain.

He's been using it often for everything as of late.

There's a lot to 'tuh' at when you're 4 years old.

Saturday, May 07, 2011


For some reason, BH just could not wait to get inside the bathroom to take off his clothes in preparation for the bath he needed to take one evening.  Instead, he began the stripping outside, at the side of the house on his way into the kitchen.

And in this confusion, a new song was born.

"Everyone is going to see my DAH DOO DEE DEE DATS!"


If you may recall, the original composition by Boo Head was not so undignified.  And as the months went by, there were variations of said composition.

It is no surprise then as to why I am slightly appalled.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


When Spring comes, how better to spend your time than doing construction work with your neighbour M.

Bricks and cones were shuffled from one area to the next.

Holes were dug, which led to canals being dug.

The best though, was how far to dig your canal.  How far, you ask? How do you know where it ends?

It's simple, really.  You dig as far as the snake as per the instructions of Foreman M..

The what?

The snake.

Yep, the beady, red-eyed devil snake lurking in the grass.

Boohead recognized the dangers of such a request and refused.

I believe the snake was also okay with that.