Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Trip: Downtown and Midtown

It's been a while since we spoke about the HOchieS' last trip to Dim Sum and the Tim Burton Exhibit at the MoMa.

What we did not discuss, was Boo-Head's Hijinks that very same day.

The first bit of unpleasant news to report:

So it may appear that he is eating dim sum with no fuss, right?

Alas, that is not entirely true.

I think we have confirmed our fears from this trip and a few before it.

BH does not like dim sum.

Whose kid is this?!

I also see he is using a fork in this picture.  That's not really something to complain about though because he enjoys using his chopsticks but has not mastered them yet.

With heavy hearts at this sad revelation and admission over the dim sum fiasco, we then went to Midtown.

Who can ride the subway like a pro?

Check that subway ridin' kid out, man.  
What's he checking out?

There were lots of people on the street! And so much to see!

Um, yes.  So much to see.

 So we finally made it to the MoMa.  Who knew there was a Shape Lab? H1 informs the Shape Lab is all about...shapes.

You learn about shapes and you play with ...shapes?

Exciting stuff and way better than the Tim Burton Exhibit as far as a BH is concerned.

In fact, who could blame him from not wanting to go into that Exhibit?

Especially when the entrance looks like this...

::BH sees the Scary Mouth Tunnel Entrance::

BH: I don't want to go in there!
H1: Uh oh...
BH: It's scary! No!
Two Random People: Aww! He doesn't want to go in because it's scary! He's smart, who would want to go in that tunnel?
BH: Tunnel?

As everyone should know, if you're entering a tunnel, then you're probably going to be finding a train.

So off he went willingly into the Tim Burton Exhibit.

And quickly left having been tricked.

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