Monday, January 17, 2011

He Laughs

The other day at school, BH's nemesis who, according to BH is constantly naughty, smacked our little BH.

A discussion followed with Uncle Bunji as to A'Face's reaction to the fight.

"What did A'Face do? Did he help you?" Uncle Bunji asked, "because he's supposed to stand up for his cousin."

"No.  He lassed," BH replied.

"He what? He laughed?" H1 asked.  "Why did he laugh at you honey?"

"He always lass.  A'Face is a lasser now," BH said.

Uncle Bunji was upset to hear that A'Face is a lasser.  We were upset too but we still think being a 'lasser' might be a funny thing.

Lassable, even.

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