Monday, January 17, 2011

The Months of the Year

"I would like to see where Santa is now," BH said.

This was a week or so ago, well after Santa had already gone back to the North Pole for his hibernation.

"Well, I can tell you where he is.  He's at the North Pole.  Christmas is over and you will not be able to track Santa's flight until the end of the year.  That's almost a whole year away... see? We're in January.  Then there's February, Mar...," I began saying.

"...March, April, May, June...uhhh..." BH continued.

"Wow! I didn't know you knew the months, even though I did try to teach you at some point! It's July..." I helped.

"July, August, September, October, Newvember, DECEMBER!!!" he finished.

"Yep, very good! But now you know Santa's not coming for a while." I'm one to dash dreams, yes.

It's good to see he's learning things at school, except what the heck is "Newvember".  Don't worry, I let him know it was "November".  I'll quiz him in a few days to see what he says.

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