Sunday, May 02, 2010


This weekend has been full of concerns for a little BH.

BH: Today's Mommy and Daddy day?
H1: Yes, it's Saturday.
BH: You don't have to go to work?
H1: Nope, not today.
BH: What about Boobey?
H1: No, it's Saturday.  Boobey does not have to go to work either.
BH: ::pause:: I worry about Boobey.

Today, we awoke to the news that there was a bomb in a car located at Times Square last night.

This has everyone here concerned including BH.  He is now worrying that The HOchieS have to go to work and does not want us to go anymore.

Considering his conversation yesterday and what happened last night, I'm more worried that he is like his mother - that's some Obeah right there!

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