Monday, May 03, 2010

The Stoler: An Update

He's back, that The Stoler.

Today, there was talk of him again and I have new, shocking news.

The Stoler is now 4, and is hairy.  So hairy in fact, that he needs to go to the Barber.

I came to the conclusion that The Stoler must have turned 4 within the past week or maybe that his birthday is even today, but silly me.

H1 had a somewhat more plausible scenario.

She believes that Grandma's initial hunch that The Stoler is in fact BH, is the truth!

Evidence 1:

BH has been going around introducing himself as BH, Age 4.


All of sudden, The Stoler is 4!

Evidence 2:

BH went to get his hair cut last Saturday.


It is very likely that BH is referring to an Alter Ego he has assumed.

In an interesting Investigative Report regarding this case, BH informs me that I have been victimized.  He tells me that The Stoler stole my DSi when I asked him if he saw that thing recently.

That loon does not know that I already took my DSi back last week.

Here are my two cents:

1. BH is good at covering his tracks because his shock and bewilderment as to where the DSi was seemed genuine.  Almost...too genuine.

2. I am The Stoler!

These developments are still rolling in for this story and I will keep all apprised.

We'll get to the bottom of this.

Stay tuned...

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