Sunday, September 28, 2008


This weekend we went to Toys R' Us so that Boo-Head could buy himself a toy with some of the birthday money he got from our recent house guests.

It turns out that Toys R' Us were celebrating Geoffrey The Giraffe's birthday this weekend in stores.

Party hats, colouring books, Thomas the Train wooden whistles, and stickers were all given.

In addition to this, H1, Dadda and Boo-Head joined the parade march around the store, which began with a Happy Birthday song to G. the G.

Boobey thought the song was being sung to him and was rather proud of himself.

It's the same kind of proud smile and look-around look he gets when we applaud him for doing something smart.

H1 had to stop singing because she was laughing so hard.

Another favourite song of his this weekend is the spaghetti and meatball song.

Bold letters are the sentences he completes:

On top of spaghetti,
all covered with cheese,
I lost my poor meatball
when somebody achoo.

I like his version better.

I don't know if I've mentioned it but he's finishing the lines to "Blitzkrieg Bop" to my delight.

And finally, Grandma only sang this song in front of him once but I guess it's the only thing that makes sense to him and he'd be right:

I had a little monkey
he went to the parlour to buy me some bread
the lady there took a piece of charcoal
and shove it up he nose hole
oh lord now my poor monkey go ded

It's tragic he knows that horrible song.

Grandma's never to sing that again!

Note: The lyrics are probably wrong but that's basically how they go because I, myself never want to hear that song again!

Currently listening to: "Decisive Battle" by Nobuo Uematsu, from the Final Fantasy V Original Soundtrack.


Buckwheat said...

I am LOL at the image of him thinking he was the recipient of the birthday song, *&* that wonderful Trini song he's been taught. I love how so many of our local songs and stories involve monkeys. I remember a story from my childhood about a monkey who was given money to buy butter but he stole it...and er... I can't remember the rest. :P

TheHOchieS said...

I feel sorry for the monkeys.

I'll have to ask mom if she knows that one. I'll get back to you.

X said...

I know that look he gives, he probably sang H B-day to himself as usual! :)

And why are ppl teaching him my song? On top of spaghetti is all mine. you know this.

As for that next song..I have NEVER heard that in my life!!! That is awfulness!! And why didn't he just breathe through the other nose hole?

TheHOchieS said...

I...don't know why the monkey didn't breathe through the other one...
Maybe the sheer shock, or it was shoved too far.


What's the hate against monkeys?!

Yeah, apparently you can take it up with Grandma HOChie as to why he's been singing the spaghetti song.