Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Batman Debacle

Things that do not turn out as planned just leave room for more jokes.

However, it was no joke last night when H1's cake did not fall in line with our plans - the cake turned out heavy and inedible (well, the taste was great but you probably could hit somebody over the head with it and inflict blunt force trauma - kidding, kidding H1!).

Instead, we woke to make cupcakes with a Batman Theme instead.

Batman & Friends plus Robin's Motorcycle.  Plus Enemies.
When life throws you cupcakes, you stick Batman throwing a batarang at you, into one.
Link - not really a friend; really here for cupcake.
Uh, the blue turned out to be vintage Batman but not modern Dark Knight.  Some may argue that that is baby boy blue but you just wouldn't know Vintage Batman, now would you?

Pumpkin Decorating was a big hit with the chirren.  Stickers and Pumpkins go well together.  Some awesome designs were made.

A'Face's Pirate Pumpkin is really cracking me up some.

However, I did not need no steenking instructions and to prove it, no pumpkin was as fantabulous as mine:

Zombie Pumpkin: A+
Now let us talk about the piñata.

Oh the piñata.

Exactly who are those things built for? I managed to crack the chest but the kids certainly could not bust that thing if a recently retired Corrections Officer could not (even after I cracked it).

It eventually got its come uppance but hey, what do you expect from Batman? He doesn't go down that easily and if you thought so, then you do not really know Batman, now do you?

The Be-heading of Batman.  Not Kid Party Friendly.
All in all, I think BH had a great day.  He got lots of prezzies of toys and clothes.  The clothes he did not care much for but he also did not care for smaller toys.  They were "blah blah blah".   I don't know where he picked up this attitude from but he best be appreciating!

The small things are fun!

Actually now that I think about it, he didn't care for the medium-sized things. 

Small things are okay; big things are okay.  Medium-sized are crap.

I may not be able to dispute him but don't let him know.  He should still be grateful!

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