Sunday, August 01, 2010

We Are Not, But Thanks For The Concern

As we were sitting outside Uncle Bunji's house, blowing bubbles and rocking on the chair, BH and I had a discussion.

Or 2: Now Boobey, we have to go visit Moodou so you will have to stay with Grandma and Papa, okay? Little kids are not allowed in the Baby Ward of the Hospital.
BH: ::fussing::
Or 2: I know, but it's okay.  You'll go to the Grocery store with Grandma and Papa.
BH: Why?
Or 2: Well, we need groceries.  We don't have any at the moment.
BH: Why? Because you're poor?
Or 2: Urr.  Um, No...  But remember Grandma and Papa went away for a while and there was no need to have a lot of food in the house.  We just need to go buy some now that they're back.
BH: Okay ::unconvinced::


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