Sunday, September 19, 2010


A lot of people came into the McDonald's play room yesterday as BH, H1 and I were leaving.  Many of the people who came spoke Spanish as a first language.  As I was putting on his shoes, and BH was observing, I heard him say...


I waited for the rest of it quietly, fearing something not so p.c.

"...makes me angry."

And there it was.

"Okay, BH, let's go.... ::muttering:: now".


Judie said...

NO, NO, NO, BH! Just call me on the phone. We are 85 miles from the Mexican border. When the phone rings, I always answer, "Bueno!" Either one of two things happen--if it is a telemarketer, or a politico, they hang up. If it is a friend with caller i.d., they laugh! Either way, I win. Oh, and btw, the word verification for my comment just happens to be "pricks." They call, too.

TheHOchieS said...

I sister's child is not racist or self-loathing.

I think the language itself and all the chatter at once made him temporarily "angry" or a displeasing sound to his ears.

Incidentally, your comment had me laughing a lot. That's a good story and a good approach.

I also see you too have become victim to my Bloggie Boo's Word Verification process.

Let me properly introduce you to Bloggie Boo (this blog/hochies blog as my frenemies and I fondly call him). He's a bit racist. Does not like to mince words and has a mind of its own. He scarily gets involved in our lives and manages to link a word very fitting for whatever post I posted.

In other words, the "pricks" was no coincidence.

TheHOchieS said...

Bloggie Boo is a bit of a jerk.