Saturday, August 15, 2009


He's getting better about pronouncing his letters.

For a while there, "L"s and "Y"s were "W" as in "Weg" (Leg) or "WoWo" (YoYo) but those days are no more, which is kind of sad for us.

I haven't heard him lately but he also pulls a tactic. When he wants to stay outside instead of going inside to eat or whatever, he pulls the "I 'cared of Grandma! Grandma 'Cary!".

I'm not sure if he's pronouncing that "S" now, but I'm going to miss "'Cary" when that's over with too.

Currently listening to: "Never Could Have Been Worse" by Tsuneo Imahori, from the Trigun: The 1st Donut Original Soundtrack.

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