Saturday, March 21, 2009


There's this little song BH had been learning at school and H1 found the lyrics and learnt it as well so that she and the BH can sing it together at home.

There's a lyric in there that is something to the effect of "I'll love you in the morning and all day" or some such thing, and as she was singing it to him today, she asked him if he loves his mommy in the morning etc etc.

He quickly responded "No".

That, of course, made H1 very sad and she in sheer shock, she began to cry and speak to him with great disbelief.

Realising what he did to his mommy, he said "Well, actually, yes. Don't cry."

It was a dry as it reads.

I wonder if H1 will ever sing Skidamarink again.

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