Friday, October 24, 2008

Picking Pumpkins and Apples

Last weekend, along with Alex, JJ & Co. we all went on a hunt for a pumpkin or two to carve and some apples to pick.

Boo Head had a grand time running about the pumpkins, trying to choose just the one he wanted and of course, mingling with other kids on the quest for their great pumpkin.

After two rather large pumpkins and one cutie pumpkin were secured, we walked up the hill to the apple orchard to pick a $20.00 worth bag.

Boo Head was pretty hungry after his jaunt threw the pumpkin 'patch', and tearing through the orchard, so he sat down on the goat sharted upon grass and munch a few apples.

He didn't care much for the skin, as it can plainly be seen...

The following day, Or 2 carved one of the pumpkins with a little clean up help i.e. gut removal thanks to Boo Head and Luuuiiisssss.

There's no picture of the carved pumpkin yet but there's a goblin. Boo-Head is very interested in this Goblin, which he called a ghost initially because he is still obsessed with ghosts.

And I am still concerned.

Currently listening to: "4 AM" by Kenta Nagata, from the Animal Crossing Original Soundtrack.

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