Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Giant's Cottage Under the Frighteningly Majestic Tree

The Giant known as Boobey-Head has his own cottage that lies just beyond the hilly hills of Gnome Country.

Gnomey Gnome stumbled across it today in an adventure, when he decided to follow Boobey-Head back from whence he came.

The adventure began a tad past 6 PM. Boobey-Head, after a Summer day full of play in the Tote Full of Sand, on the small-for-him slithery slide and running through the tall blades of green grass - the Giant was tired and headed with one he calls "Dada" to a house.
Gnome has come to realize that it is a Summer House, with a little red card parked outside, much like his Cottage and his little red Gnome Mobile.

Yet it is not.

Upon closer inspection, the Summer House has Yellow Windows on either side, that open outward and the Giant enjoys opening them upon entering.

He doesn't just 'open' them though, he pushes them with such force that if Gnome were to not be careful, he'd be hurricane'd clear across the valley!

In the Summer Abode large enough for the Giant known as Boobey-Head (although Gnome was rather amused to see the Giant's Adult Relatives squeeze recklessly inside on ocassion, much to Boobey-Head's dismay), there is a pull down table.

What's the table for? Is it for tea? Is it for Art time? There are no chairs, which confuses Gnome. "Who has tea while standing?" he ponders.

There's no bed for nap time either but only the soft grass to lay on but Gnome was sure there were ants abound but perhaps such tiny things as ants are no worries to a Giant.

Gnome has decided that the house has not been fully furnished or is just a place for shade. It's nothing like his Summer Cottage in Gnome Country, which has a full bath, a guest room and a hammock in the back yard for napping under the sun.

The Summer House seemed to be thoroughly enjoyed by the Giant though, it seems to Gnome and "that's all that really matters", thinks he. "A place to play, a place for shade and a place to enjoy Summer!"

As Gnome trundled back to Gnome Country, ducking behind the tall green blades of grass in hiding, chittering with ants on the way home and whistling a sunny song out of earshot from Boo-Head, he thinks about the lemonade he would make from the pink lemons that grow in the summer on the bush near the cottage.

He thinks about the raspberryade he would like to make from the bushes that grow on the other side of The Giant Boo-Head's Summer Cottage, all while grinning from ear to ear.

And then he thinks, "I wonder if Boo-Head will fit in that cottage next year at the astronomical rate he seems to be growing!!!!"

Gnome is Currently listening to: "The Sound of Settling" by Death Cab for Cutie and "Take it or Leave It" by Arctic Monkeys. He wishes they'd put the Arctic Monkeys discography on "Rock Band", so that he could do a jig like no one else can.

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